What you see

There are so many Koi breeders in the mountains. We can visit 10 per day on some days and sometimes more. We will search to find your perfect Koi, if you have no agenda then just enjoy the adventure of the day! If you do want a specific Koi, we will find it!

Buying Koi is pretty similar to how you buy Koi from the Koi dealers around the world. You see a Koi, ask to have it bowled, ask a price. If you are happy with the price you can buy it, if you do not agree with the price, the Koi just goes back, no pressure, no problem.

You will be buying Koi for much less than you would pay at Koi dealers back and the choice is far better. If you would like to purchase a Koi direct from the breeder we can negotiate the deal on your behalf or if you feel confident, you can! The Koi will then be put into a separate pond and will be included on our shipments back to the UK or we can ship direct to anywhere.

Need more information? Contact us info@koitrips.com

While we are in Japan on the Autumn trips we get the opportunity to actually participate in some of the harvests. This is where you will help the breeder take the Koi out of the mud ponds, it’s a fabulous experience. You can lift the Koi out of the ponds or take them up to the truck, something you won’t be able to do anywhere else. You will be given water proof waders and can go from dragging the net round the pond to lifting the Koi from the pond to getting the Koi back to the breeders facility. A great day!

Koi Shows

During the Autumn harvests there are many Koi Shows in the Niigata area and we will always try and fit them into the schedule. They are so different to what you have seen before. The Koi on show are some of the very best you will ever see. Its great just to walk round and take pictures to show your Koi friends back home.

Group Size

We can cater for most size groups. We do prefer smaller groups but if you are a large party of people we can easily accommodate this. One on one trips can also be arranged, we can organise pretty much anything. Get in touch if you require any assistance.

Trade Trips

We do take Dealers on buying trips too. However we will never mix a trip with dealers and hobbyists. We find dealers are looking for totally different Koi. Dealer trips are more common on the Spring trips. Please contact us for further details.

Food & Drink

In Nagaoka City there are various food and drink places. You can find almost any kinds of food. If you want to try the local Japanese food you can, if you want to stick to what you know then that is available too. We eat at different types of restaurants which cover most but you can explore the area and find your own places too. The Hotel we stay offer a great breakfast and we stop during the day for lunch, sometimes with the Koi breeders.


Koitrips are just that. We take you to see Koi only, we do not do any sightseeing, apart from the best Koi in the world. The train pass we arrange on the trip can get you to many places included in the initial price. If you would prefer to break the trip up and see the Koi part of the trip and then explore Japan on your own, feel free. We have many clients who do exactly this. Japan is a wonderful place.

What do we charge?

Yes, there is a charge for our services. We will find you the very best Koi at the very best prices. We have known the breeders for many years and have a great relationship with them all. We will get your Koi to your home in perfect condition. We charge a flat, upfront fee of 20% on any Koi purchase. Freight will also be added. This will be added onto your final invoice. We also charge for car hire which is split between however many are on the trip (Including ourselves) A full run down on the charges is available on request.

When do we offer trips to Japan?


This is a time to buy small Koi. Tosai are Koi which were born the previous June and have been grown in the mudponds over summer and wintered at the breeders facilities. While there are larger Koi still available to purchase we mainly focus on smaller Koi. The varieties are huge and there is a great choice to suit all budgets. Idea if you want to find high class smaller Koi and grow them on.

This time of year is very popular for Dealer trips.


THIS is the time to visit Japan! From around the 8th of October the breeders start harvesting their Koi from the mud ponds. These Koi have been growing on in the ponds since June and hopefully have grown really well. 18 month old Koi can come out up to 60cms! Some amazing sights can be seen. The mountains are alive with movement at this time of year and the wait to see what the various breeders have brought in is fantastic. This is where you can easily find that special Koi which will suit your budget.

Koi from 2 years old and upwards are available at this time, so if you are looking for a special Show Koi now is the time. 40cms all the way up to 90cms will easily be found.

How to book a trip with Koitrips

If you are interested in joining us on that special Koi buying trip to Japan then simply make contact. We can answer any kind of question you have before anything is booked.

March/April trips I need to know by January of the same year.

October/November I need to know by April of the same year.

The last trip we had 6 clients and we could have taken a further 3 but the trip would have been too big. It’s important to get the place sorted as soon as possible.

We can give you a full run down of when we book the flights and train tickets. The Hotels will be booked direct by us.

If you would like to book your own flights then please go ahead. You may be able to get some special rates etc, this is fine. We can give you the dates of travel.

We make it easy, so just turn up at the airport and the rest will be taken care of.

Further information, please email info@koitrips.com


We can visit so many different breeders on the trips that we cant list them all. However, if you do have a breeder in mind to visit, then we can easily go and see them. We have no restrictions where we go which is another reason to go with us. The main breeders we visit are:


  • Shintaro
  • Yagenji
  • Yamamatsu
  • Kazuto
  • Dainichi
  • Marudo
  • Seitaro
  • Marchiro
  • Choguro
  • Hiroi Seiji
  • Yamazaki
  • Marusho (Mushigame)
  • Aoki (Mushigame)
  • Hirasawa
  • Marusei
  • Matsunosuke
  • and LOADS more…

We are also able to hold some teaching sessions with some of the breeders.