AJKS Trips

The All Japan Koi Show takes place in Tokyo every February.
It is the best opportunity to see the VERY best Koi in the world – FACT.
There is nothing that even comes close to seeing the quality of Koi on display anywhere else. The All Japan Koi Show (AJKS) can have over 3500 Koi on display. Sizes ranging from 25cm all the way to over 100cms! All sizes in-between too.

The quality of the fish on display is the best, it is the most prestigious Koi show in the world. The Koi you have seen in Magazines and calendars have all been exhibited at this Show, all of them.
The Show is organised by professionals and judged by professionals. The breeders you read about and see on the Internet are the people who you will see judging the Koi Show. The Breeders association – Shinkokai stages the event.

We will start the first trips in February 2018. This is a short trip with a few options.

Option 1 is to fly into Tokyo on the Friday. We will then check in at the central Tokyo hotel, most likely to be in the bustling Shinjuku, or Shinagawa. These are both very nice places to stay, in the heart of Tokyo…Very busy places too.
We will then get transport to the Tokyo Ryutsu Centre on the Saturday morning for when the All Japan Koi Show opens.

Spend the day at the Koi Show, viewing the Koi and meeting people from all over the world with similar interests. You can see the breeders all running round etc. Food and drink are available at the Centre so its a great day.
Returning to the Hotel at your leisure.

The Sunday will start the same, transport to the show. Viewing of the Koi in the morning.

Now if you would like a short trip for the AJKS only then that is fine, I know many who have flown in for the 2 days and then travelled back home on the Monday. This is not a problem.
However for people who wants to make a full week out of it…
We will leave Tokyo on the Sunday Afternoon and head straight for the Niigata Mountains.

You will see the famous snow covered (February) mountains. Sights you may not see ever again, they are incredible.

Koi will be available to purchase and view at all the breeders facilities, just like any other time of the year. Only at this time, bring a jacket. The Trip details can be seen here
We will spend the remainder of the trip touring the mountains and viewing the Koi.

This really is an excellent time to visit Japan. The Koi Show, the scenery in Niigata… And the Koi!

There are some different terms and conditions, and some fee’s for the AJKS trips, please email us for further information at info@koitrips.com

Confirmations for the first trip in February 2018 will be needed by June 2017. This is a maximum 5 person trip.


Please note: This trip will be started for the 2018 All Japan Koi Show.



Please get in touch for October 2018!