I can’t thank Koi Trips enough for helping me out complete a scholarship trip to Japan visiting the world leading Koi farms. Without his help this trip wouldn’t have been possible. I was extremely nervous before departing for this trip but Tim made me feel at ease and helped everything run smoothly by providing all the directions needed and information needed. He even sorted out for me to be met at the hotel when I arrived midday to be taken up into the mountains to join the group for the rest of the day. The group was very welcoming and friendly throughout the entire week. While in Japan we did everything from performing Koi mud pond harvests, to visiting many different breeders/ farms and in the evenings he arranged a variety of different meals for us all to attend. Everything we did was performed smoothly and you are treated with respect and kindness not just from Tim and Paul but also all the Koi breeders. I learned more than I could have hoped for on this trip. I cant recommend visiting Japan with Koi Trips enough. Extremely knowledgeable.

Simon Hooton

Thanks to Tim at koi trips all my expectations of buying koi in japan were exceeded. Last year we could not make the journey to japan to select koi in person and having a veteran like tim pick the right koi for our retail store was the right choice. Luckily this year he had an extra spot for me on the trip it started out by meeting him at the All Japan Koi show then up to Nigata where the fun really started it was all koi for 5 days and we accomplished getting over 50 boxes of koi for us and are customers back home. This kind of experience is impossible with out Tim from the lunch and dinners he set up with breeders and the koi farms to being able to locate the exact koi in the right price range. He has earned my business for life and we are already planing a trip back in October with koitrips.com

Brian F – USA Dealer

My first ever trip to Japan with Tim and Koitrips. What a wonderful place this is, I had no idea how good it would be. The show was very good and then the mountains even better. Tim was a great host and found me exactly what I was looking for but most of all I had a great time, that was all that mattered. I will be going again in October. Thanks Koitrips!!

Graham – Stoke UK

This was my 3rd Autumn visit to Japan with Koitrips. It is amazing how much I have learnt from these visits when it comes back to my own Koi at home. I can understand better how things work and have even driving around the mountains myself! A very good experience. I helped at the harvests and led the line while netting it which I have learnt over the last trips. I cannot imagine my hobby without visiting Japan. The breeders are so nice, even if we don’t buy Koi from them. I bought a beautiful Sanke this trip which will stay another year giving me another excuse to visit Japan with Koitrips. The deals we get are better than I could ever imagine, we are all very well looked after by Tim and the breeders. Everything from start to finish was smooth, no problems at all. Thanks to Tim and Paul for another wonderful trip.

Majdi J – Wales

A big thank you to Tim at Koitrips for an excellent trip to Japan, everything was organise to perfection. It was my second trip to Japan but my first for the Autumn harvests and it was good to be travelling with two fellow North Wales koi keepers, Majdi & Peter. It was amazing to see the mud ponds in all their glory and harvests going on all over the mountains. Too actually be involved with some of the harvests was an experience never to be forgotton. I had a Sanke in Tim’s Azakuri pond which we harvested during the first few days of the trip. It was the first time I have left a koi to grow in Japan and I was not disappointed when Saito San of Shintaro koi farm presented the koi to me in the pan net, it will be staying for another 12 months, really happy. Watching other harvests at Shintaro, Matsunoske and Hirio Seijo and seeing the quality and size of koi coming from the mud ponds, amazing what happens in these ponds. You see more quality koi in a few days than you see in the UK in years and it is a true learning experience. Tim obviously has an amazing relationship with a wide variety of breeders over the mountains of Niigata built up over many years and this helps gain access to some stunning koi. The hospitality shown by the breeders with a special mention to Saito San was second to none and I can only thank everybody for the time and kindness. This is an experience that I will have to repeat, after all I’ve now got two growing there next year!! Once again thanks to Tim at Koitrips and all others on the trip, it was an experience. Ian

Ian M – Wales

This was my 4th trip to Japan with Koitrips. I have learnt so much in the last 2 years by coming here. It has really benefitted me when it comes to the Koi. The only problem is each time I come I see better Koi! Great harvests this year, I can compare to previous harvests now and actually see the differences.Was great buying a very special Koi this year, can’t wait to see how she comes out next Autumn. AJKS Trip with Koitrips next. Thank you Koitrips, see you in February!

Mike B – Warrington (4th Trip)

Another great trip with Koitrips this year. This has been my 3rd consecutive Autumn Harvest and it just gets better and better. I bought a really nice Nisai last year and left it to grow in Japan. I actually harvested it myself this trip and she was much bigger, and much better. I have already booked in for next year, thank you Koitrips and thank you Tim for finding me the 2 special Koi this year, and winning a prize at the Nagoaka Koi Show!!

Kyle J – St Helens (3rd Trip)

Had a very enjoyable trip to Japan which was well organised by Tim and Paul. They provided a detailed travel itinerary to make the journey as stress free as possible. Because of Tim’s extensive knowledge and excellent relationship with the breeders, we were made to feel extremely welcome wherever we went. The quality of the fish seen was first class. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone wishing to go to Japan on a Koi buying trip. Steve Walling

Steve W – Barnsley

My Son Kristian and I have been keeping koi for many years so decided we would like to see the quality of them in Japan. From the moment we contacted Tim and Paul we were impressed with their professional approach to everything flights, hotel and advice it was all first class. Our first day visiting the koi farms was just amazing we learnt more in one day than we thought possible the body shape ,skin quality, colours and names this was from some of the top breeders in Japan the standard of Koi is exceptional . When choosing the fish Tim was always there to give expert advice and was able to pick the best for our budget he was always able to find exactly what we were looking for. The trip was a great experience, one which we plan to go on again. Ian and Kristian.

Ian and Kristian – London

Would like to thank Koitrips for an amazing trip, I have been wanting to go back to Japan for years and for anyone wanting to go to Japan I would say go with Koi trips, the things that Tim had planned for the group were special. Just when you was thinking it gets no better the next day was better, highlight was harvesting Saito sans 4 year Koi actually getting into the mud pond was awesome. I will certainly be trying to make this a regular trip. I told Tim what I was after and he knew where to go for that special Koi. Over the moon!! Thanks guys

James C

I visited Japan with Koitrips in Spring 2016 to experience the smaller Koi, while there I realised I wanted to see these Koi coming out so I booked again to come with Koitrips in October for the Harvests. It was another really good experience, I cannot tell you how good it is to be there watching these Koi coming out of the mudponds. I saw some massive Koi being harvested and they will be memories always with me. I also bought two very special large Koi which won awards at a Japanese Koi Show while I was there!! Thank you again Koitrips and I will be back!

Mike B (Second Visit)

Big thank you to Tim Waddington for another amazing trip to Japan. Was my second trip after last year I couldn’t resist to go again I learned so much since I last visited Japan. be able to get evolved in 5 harvest is amazing. seen how the breeders do things over there quickly all the information start to click together. Be able to see my Koi coming out from the mud after I left them over there last year Is great feeling and the results was amazing. Tim will find you the best Koi for you budget no restrictions which breeders you want to visit and no pressure. Can’t wait to go again next year.

Madji J (Second Visit)

For my first visit to Japan I went with Koitrips.com. Absolutely fantastic from leaving Manchester airport to arriving back everything was well organised. Seen plenty of big name breeders and very high quality koi,saw some of the best Harvests and then helped harvest some of the best Koi in Japan. I would definitely go with Koitrips.com in the future. Really enjoyed the whole experience.

Gary H – Ireland

I would like to give a massive thanks to the guys at Koitrips.com. The time spent in the Mountains looking at some of the best Koi you could ever imagine to see, was excellent. I was met at the airport and from then it was a smooth journey from Tokyo. You cannot imagine how good it is to come here and see the Koi that are available. I bought 3 really nice Koi and cannot wait to see them swimming in the pond at home. I even left Koi in Japan to grow on for the season, which probably means I will return! Again, thank you to Koitrips for such an amazing time. Mike B.

Mike B – Warrington

I have been lucky enough to visit Japan with Quality Nishkigoi this Autumn I would thanks Tim & Paul for the fantastic time we had over there I was amazed how much I have learned in short amount of time everything start to click together. The good things when you visit Japan with Quality Nishkigoi is no restrictions on certain breeders literally you walk in in to any breeders you want, we got stuck in harvesting Shintaro Sansai pond and his number one pond the day after, what an amazing experience. We got to see Matsunosuke jumbo Koi harvest! Those koi up to 95cm!! We visited the Nagaoka Koi show where Tim was one of the judges. We were then invited to the presentation party in the evening. We also attended a Koi Auction! It can’t get any better than having a meal with Saito San (shintaro) what a nice man. And to finish the trip by visiting Isawa nishkigoi center the home of Matsunosuke. We had a guided tour by the man himself Toshio Sakai. He took us to his best Koi house to be able to see his very best koi, they was mind blowing. Then we finished the trip having dinner with Toshio and Toshi Sakai.He speaks good English and he answered some serious question’s, we probably learnt more in one night than we would in 10 years. Thanks again to Tim & Paul for the amazing trip we did absolutely everything on this trip, could not get any better. Thanks to John Kyle Ben for the good company

Majdi Jerbi

A once in a lifetime dream made reality by KoiTrips.com Having kept koi for over a decade it has always been a dream to travel to Japan and see the birth place ok Nishikigoi for myself. I’ve always wondered how diverse the culture, scenery and people where and indeed if the experience of purchasing that special koi was hugely different to that in the UK. From the moment of booking a place on the trip to arriving at Narita airport and weaving through the hustle and bustle to the shinkansen train every aspect was made easy and all myths of the difficulties associated with a visit to Japan dispelled. Everything was taken in the stride of KoiTrips.com. The hotel was ultra clean, The variety of food available ranged from everyday western food through to exotic Japanese delicacies so all tastes are catered for. The diversity of guests on the trip was fantastic and indeed KoiTrips.com had taken the time to ensure that the small number of available places on the trip were filled with a group of people that meshed together with easy. I suspect that because of the trip some guests have made lifelong friends which is always a bonus. The days were planned but lucid in there format to accommodate specific client requests and news of breeders harvests. This ensured that we were more often than not the first to see many koi as they arrived at the breeders facilities straight from the mud ponds. During the trip three mud pond harvests were carried out. Not only did the guests on the trip have the opportunity to see the harvests but we were actually allowed to take part weather that be wading through the water and netting the koi or taking pride of place on the transport truck taking superb pictures. The fish that the guests were able to view were from all farms and indeed some obscure breeders were thrown in to test Tim and Paul. Tim took this in his stride and from memory navigated through the mountains to the chosen farms and talked to the breeders on a level that could only be likened to that of a long, long friendship. Whilst on the trip all of the guests purchased extraordinary koi at prices that frankly were unbelievable value. All the arrangements for the shipping of the koi or indeed the arrangements to leave the purchased koi in Japan to grow were made and everything was kept clear and simple. Ill finish where I began. A once in a lifetime dream made reality with KoiTrips.com. A huge thanks to Tim and Paul for making this possible and I couldn’t recommend KoiTrips.com more highly.

Ben Moore

Well my first time ever in Japan with Quality Nishkigoi. Its been absolutely awesome! From driving around in the mountains searching through endless Koi breeders to having lunch at the Shintaro house I was literally left with no speech most of the time! Not only learnt so much from seeing and speaking and being around the top breeders of Japan this trip but also gained a few more Koi crazy friends similar to my self, I couldn’t fault the trip from day one, BIG BIG thank you to Tim Waddington and Paul Brichall for organising and making it all happen, defiantly would recommend the team down at Quality Nishkigoi/koi trips! Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones – St Helens

I went out to Japan in November 2013 with Tim and Paul, if you are looking to buy very good quality koi these are the guys you need to book your trip through. They did everything from booking the flight, Hotels ,and car hire We visited some fantastic koi facilities,  and saw some amazing koi Will definitely be going out again with these guys. Malcolm Crawshaw Koi Hobbyist

Malcolm Crawshaw

I have visited the Yamakoshi Mountains with Tim a number of times and each time has been excellent. Seeing Koi of this quality is something I have always wanted to do and getting the chance to do so has made the hobby so much better, it helps more when you can go to the places where Tim is able to go, I would not go unless Tim (Koitrips) was taking me. I am already looking forward to my next trip to Japan, see you all soon. Roy Pillay – South Africa I built my pond 2 years ago and have always bought my Koi and equipment from Tim and Paul at Quality Nishikigoi. I have always been very happy with the service so it was an easy decision to join them on the Japan trip. I made the correct decision, it was an amazing trip, I have never seen so many excellent Koi in one place, the budget was blown in minutes. Thanks guys for a fantastic trip, hope to go again one day.

Ian Kerwick

I wanted to go to Japan to learn more about my hobby. I buy my Koi from Tim and Paul and have seen how they work when they are in Japan so I decided to join them on a trip. It was a really good learning experience for me as I am interested in showing my Koi so to see what makes Koi special was a real eye opener. Thanks to Paul and Tim for making it possible, a great time was had by all.

Kevin Gamble

I would like to thank Tim and Paul for giving me the opportunity to go to Japan with them to experience for myself what a mind blowing place Japan is and how stunning the fish are and how friendly the Koi breeders are and the way they make you feel rarely welcome. I would defiantly like to go back to Japan to experience it all again sometime in the near future with Quality Nishikigoi.

David Banks

My first trip to Japan and it’s been a wonderful experience. I have seen some really special Koi and even bought some myself. The trip has been well run and I would like to thank Tim and Paul for making it happen. Start to finish its been organised and well prepared, thanks again.

Keith Limbert

This was my second trip to Japan, the first was 14 years ago. I have really enjoyed the trip. I have seen the best Koi I have ever seen in my life and the entire trip has been a pleasure. I bought 3 very high class Koi from Shintaro Koi farm and two will be staying in Japan to grow. I would like to thank Quality Nishikigoi for making it possible. Thanks again.

Wayne Morris